United To Open SFO 737 Base


ALPA (UAL and CAL MECs) and management have entered into an MOU that allows for bidding of vacancies for an SFO 737 Base ahead of ISL. The MOU allows the company to post vacancies for the following SFO positions:


-22 UAL Captains and 20 UAL First Officers


-19 CAL Captains and 20 CAL First Officers


These simultaneous vacancies at each subsidiary are expected to be posted prior to the end of July. These vacancies, once awarded, will be pay protected beginning the first bid month after the award and will be seat protected regardless of the ISL.   Upon ISL, all other bids on both the s-UAL and s-CAL sides that have not been awarded training dates will be cancelled. Cancelled bids will then be available for bidding by all pilots using their new seniority numbers. Pilots with cancelled bids will have bumping rights. The MOU is attached in its entirety, and an overview is provided below.



The MOU is for a SFO 737 base with 22 UAL Captain positions bidding against other UAL pilots. CAL will have 19 Captain positions, and both subsidiaries will have 20 first officer positions each. The bids will be effective immediately and they will be pay and seat protected regardless of ISL. After ISL, the base will become one and subsequent bids are expected. There will be no increase in CAL Captain positions as a result of the SFO 737 base opening the same numbers from CAL System bid 14-02 will remain. All pilots, UAL and CAL, will bid for training slots in seniority order similar to what CAL does currently, and similar to what was offered the UAL 747-400 crews that were surplused from ORD.


Additionally we resolved, through this MOU, the effect of ISL upon vacancy bids. Anyone who does not have an assigned training date, UAL or CAL, will lose his bid but be allowed bumping rights throughout the system. All open positions as a result of the cancelled 14-02 bids will be rebid by the entire airline using your new seniority numbers.


In the unlikely event the ISL is delayed, the TPA will control cross training and mixing of aircraft, except that United crews will be trained without delay for the 737s scheduled for s-UA delivery. All future bids will be based on the UPA Section 8 vacancy bidding system there will be no more CAL system bids, regardless.  


One item to consider is that the CAL fleet is operating under the CAL computer system, not Unimatic. This means the 737 will have a different dispatch release, different ACARS, different logbook (not electronic) and different flight planning system (Phoenix). The company will provide the necessary instruction within the training footprint for UAL differences in maintenance & dispatch functions, crew scheduling, PBS systems, and any other system changes that differ at that time.


The MOU:


1)  Ensures 42 sUA pilots have opportunity to bid SFO 737 positions prior to ISL, minimizes the risk of SFO 737 positions being effectively blocked by either the outcome of the ISL or a delay in its implementation

2)  Allows cross-training of sUA 737 pilots by sCO instructors and LCAs in the event of a delay in ISL

3)  Allows cross-utilization of all UCH 737s by both sUA and sCO crews

4)  Provides pay protection in Bid Period immediately following award

5)  Matches sUA training plan with sCO training plan month-for-month

6)  Training planned post ISL, with protections if ISL delayed

7)  Codifies that new UPA Section 8 bids should be used going forward

8)  Codifies award cancelation upon ISL for any bids not holding a training date/TAB

9)  Restricts number of sCO positions to current number of 737 positions (i.e., SFO Captain positions will come from other CAL 737 bases, no increase in staffing)

10) Cannot be used by either side in ISL arbitration

11) Reaffirms TPA remains in effect






756 Blended



737 Blended



Airbus Blended






Difference:  756 737



Difference:  Airbus737







Note:  Hourly Payrate for 757, 737(8/9), and A320 is identical:  Cap $188.97/ FO $129.07


1)      What does TPA allow without this agreement?

A)  The TPA extension allows the company to open a sCO SFO 737 base with no sUA slots.  The TPA also prevents the company from cross training sUA pilots in Houston, and prevents sUA metal from being flown by sCO crews or vice versa. While the TPA would require the company to train UAL pilots to operate new UAL aircraft, the company could delay introduction of the initial aircraft without significant penalty as late as November as these aircraft come from Boeing without necessary interior upgrades, including the proper seats. This means that the company could delay offering UAL pilots vacancies until after ISL. This letter locks in 42 UAL pilots in SFO ahead of time regardless of the outcome of ISL.


2)      When will the sUA crews go to training if the ISL is completed on time?

A)  Possibly as early as September.  The first sUA crews will commence training approximately 14 days after ISL. The ISL arbitration panel determines the effective date of the new ISL, and generally will align it with the start of a bid period. However, there is nothing to stop the company from training UAL pilots prior to the ISL effective date.


3)      When will sUA crews go to training if the ISL is delayed?

A)  Beginning as early as September and slotted into available training slots thereafter. The company is required to start the training of UAL pilots awarded bids under this letter September 15th.


4)      When will pay protection kick in for sUA pilots?

A)  The next bid period, e.g. if bids are awarded in July, pay protection will begin in August.


5)      How will awarded bids be handled once ISL is complete?

A)  Except for these SFO 737 awards, awards without a training date will be canceled and re-bid with new seniority number.



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