With an MEC Update for Friday, March 11, 2011, this is

MEC Communications Committee Chairman First Officer Steve Scheri.



In This Update


·         Update On Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

·         Merger News/Information

·         Committee Updates/Reports: Hotel; Pass Travel;  Security;  SPSC.

·         Straight and Level Page

·         Local Council Meetings/Events


UAL-MEC Officers, Committee Structure Respond to Japan Earthquake

Yesterday an 8.9-magnitude Earthquake hit Japan, touching off a tsunami with walls of water that reached 30 feet in height.  While the ALPA-represented pilots of United Airlines extend their deepest sympathies to the people of Japan and others who are suffering through this tremendous tragedy, we are happy to report that there are no reported injuries to United crew or employees resulting from the Earthquake. All crewmembers have been accounted for and are safe at this time.  United crews are located at airport area hotels as well as downtown Tokyo.  Seven United flights were diverted to Osaka last night and one to Anchorage.  As of the time of this writing, the Narita airport is planned to open by Friday afternoon as reports indicate minimal damage.  United is planning recovery efforts and resumption of service to Japan.


Throughout the night and today, the MEC officers were in contact with Flight Operations management and have been engaged to ensure that our crews safety and interests are being represented.   Today the relevant UAL MEC Committees (SPSC, Family Awareness, Hotel, PDCG and CASC) are engaged with the company to monitor and provide support when and where appropriate.  We expect that crews located near the airport should be able to depart the country relatively quickly.  Information regarding crews located downtown will be forthcoming as transportation from Tokyo to the Narita airport is virtually non-existent at this time.


ALPA requests that all pilots take a few moments to update their emergency contact information in Unimatic (EMER/FILE#).


The United MEC Family Awareness Committee stands ready to assist all pilots and their families regarding the Japan earthquake. Please send any inquiries or requests to UAL.FamAware@alpa.org.




MEC Negotiating Committee Update

While the parties were able to reach Agreements in Principle (AIP) on Section 6 – Seniority and Section 10 – Moving at the end of last week, there were no direct negotiating meetings held this week. Management is experiencing key personnel unavailability due to unforeseen family health issues that are affecting their ability to respond to our scheduling proposals from November 10. The JNC passed its comprehensive proposal to Management on December 15th.

The JNC continued work on turning AIP terms into contractual language. This is a required task to achieve a full Tentative Agreement for MEC and Pilot consideration.

As always, please stay connected to the process by reading updates from the MEC and your Local Council representatives.



Special MEC Meeting Scheduled For Next Week

The United MEC will meet in Special Session Monday, March 14 and Tuesday, March 15 in Chicago to discuss the current state of JCBA negotiations.


Much of the meeting is expected to be held in closed session.








The MEC Hotel Committee, in its March 2011 Update, reports that there continues to be problems with credit card thefts at Labadi Beach in Ghana. This hotel has experienced three recent events at this hotel. Two United pilots reported their credit card numbers stolen. With concurrence of the ALPA Safety Committee, the Hotel Committee recommends you not use your credit card at the hotel or in Ghana itself.


In Hong Kong, pilots have been moved to the Novotel near the Renaissance. This hotel was inspected and remains on the disapproved list because of noise.


In Seattle and San Francisco, we continue receiving reports of delayed pickups from the airport to the hotel. Please report any delays with TVLLOGs.


At the Sydney Radisson, the Committee has received reports of delayed check-ins. A contract reminder concerning Section 22-D-5 is applicable here. If you need another place to stay at any international hotel:


22-D-5: If a room at the scheduled layover hotel is not available within thirty (30) minutes of scheduled check-in time, the affected pilots may seek other accommodations and will be reimbursed by the Company.


A reminder concerning field transportation. For field transportation from the airport to the hotel, if your field transportation from the airport does not arrive within 15 minutes of actual or scheduled block in (whichever is later), please file a TVLLOG so the Hotel Committee can address this problem with the Company.


For field transportation from the hotel to the airport, many of our hotels advertise 30 minute transportation. They should provide on-demand or every 15 minutes. If you desire transportation other than 30 minutes, advise the front desk at check-in of your desired time the next day.



Please Click Here for the MEC Hotel Committee's March 2011 Update.


From Pass Travel Committee Chair Captain Pat Palazzolo:

For UA employees wishing to pass ride on 70-seat regional jet United Express flights to and from CO hubs, United employees should list on EmployeeRES found on SkyNet.  These flights feed CO hubs but have UA flight numbers as a result of the recent arbitration decision in ALPA's favor.

These particular United Express flights are not shown on Weblist but do appear in Continental's EmployeeRES with a UA flight number.  The Company says UA employees listing on these flights through EmployeeRES will be subject to normal UAX boarding priority as if we had listed on WebList and pay our normal service charges -- which happen to be free in Economy class.

Below are examples of United Express flights out of CO's EWR hub to JAX.  As you can see, they do not appear on Weblist but do appear in EmployeeRES.  We have contacted the company about this process as we believe it is inappropriate, but in the interim, want to communicate how to access the employee benefit that we are due.





MEC Security Committee Chairman First Officer Scott Graham would like to direct pilots' attention to a very important security resource that is available to ALPA pilots. ASI World Watch is a company that provides worldwide security and travel-related information. It is a subscription-based service, paid for by ALPA and it is available through a link on the United MEC website.


Simply click on the banner above to go to the MEC website (www.ualmec.org) and scroll down to the middle of the webpage to look for this banner. Just click on the banner to access ASI World Watch.








In the weeks and months ahead the SPSC Family Awareness Committee is working to provide Family Gatherings which provide opportunities for our pilots and their families to get together, share mutual concerns and meet new friends. We will be providing our information to the CAL pilot group as well in hopes that we will begin to meet some of our fellow pilots and their families. Please visit the Family Awareness Committee link on the MEC Website for your local contact information and event calendar.


Events held month included:


March 2011





Los Angeles, CA

Gable House Bowling



Roberto Calderon


Tulsa, OK

Leon’s Broken Arrow

5pm – 7pm

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rodger Johnson


Palmer Lake, CO

Pinz Bowling Alley

Friday, March 18, 2011

Carol Janni


Southbury, CT

DiPalma’s Pizza

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bob Nealon

Rnealon1@charter .net


Medford, NJ

JJ Johnson's home Medford, NJ 7pm

Saturday, March 19, 2011

JJ Johnson



Phoenix, AZ

Via Linda Lanes Bowling

Saturday, March 19, 2011

George Gil



Petaluma, CA

Petaluma Airport


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rich Ferguson


Sterling, VA

Bowl America, Sterling VA

5pm, Pizza and Bowling.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mike Osmers



Allentown, PA

Family Awareness Team Mtg.



Friday, March 25, 2011

Jim Williams


Bucks County, PA

Continental Tavern, Yardley, PA  6pm

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sherri Turco



Dallas, TX

Keller Sports Park

Keller, TX

12 noon – 5pm

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Doug Verbsy


April 2011





Manhattan Beach, CA

Happy Hour Gathering at pilot's home

Saturday, April 9. 2011

Roberto Calderon


Spruce Creek, FL

Spruce Creek Airport (7FL6)

10AM – 11:30AM

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kathy Royer


Dallas, TX


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gatlen Sisk


Boston, MA area



Rita Lanney



Future Events 2011





Rockford, IL

Poplar Grove Airport Museum w/APA

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Alex Hawkes


Past Events 2011





Dallas area

Gathering at Gatlen's

Held Saturday, Feb. 5


San Francisco

Baker Beach BBQ

Held Sunday, Feb. 13


Greencastle, PA

Family Pizza night

Held Wednesday, Feb. 16



Breakfast at Jo Jo's

Held Wednesday, Feb. 23


Manchester, NH

Frattillos Pizza

Held Wednesday, Feb. 23



Pirates Pizza

Held Friday, Feb. 25



Peachtree Diner

Held Friday, Feb. 25


The length of time and the Quality of our contract will be largely determined by the solidarity of the United/Continental Pilots.  

 Solidarity means showing up. 

The time for complaining in crew lounges and cockpits is over.

It is time to stand up, stand out and be heard. 

Now is the time to get the contract we deserve.

For more information please visit the Family Awareness Committee link on the MEC Website, contact your local coordinator or the Family Awareness Committee Chairman, Shawn Murray, at famaware@alpa.org or (508) 566-6743. See you there!


Straight and Level: Learn the Facts From Your MEC


Click Here to see answers to many of the rumors you have heard on the line.


Click here to submit your rumor.  We are using every resource to thoroughly answer your rumor questions.  New rumors and truths will be posted when available.


Local Council Meetings/Events

--Council 33 (DEN): 9:30 a.m. (Coffee at 9 a.m.), Wednesday, March 16, Holiday Inn Stapleton Plaza, 333 Quebec St. (Across the street from TK).

--Council 12 (ORD): Grog Night: 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., Monday, March 21, Location to be determined

--Council 12 (ORD) Meeting: 10 a.m., Tuesday, March 22, Maggiano's Restaurant, 1901 East Woodfield road, Schaumburg, Ill. (Note: This is a new meeting location).

--Council 11 (DCA): Grog Night: 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Thursday, March 24, Ford's Fish Shack, 44260 Ice Rink Plaza, Ashburn, Va., 571/918-4092. Come enjoy the company of your fellow pilots in a social setting while we review council business and discuss the current hot topics facing us as a pilot group and as a profession. Bring your questions and your Visa card, because though we provide food and non-alcoholic beverages, anything else is on you!

--Council 11 (DCA) Meeting: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Friday, March 25, Holiday Inn Select Chantilly (Layover hotel off Willard Road), 4335 Chantilly Shopping Center, Chantilly, Va., 703/815-6060.


UAL v. ALPA: Preliminary Injunction

The United States District Court has issued a preliminary injunction. (Click Here to read the Preliminary Injunction Order. Click Here to read the Memorandum Opinion and Order). The injunction enjoins ALPA, the individual defendants, and all persons and organizations acting by, in concert with, through or under them, or by and through their orders, from calling, permitting, instigating, authorizing, encouraging, participating in, approving or continuing any interference with United's airline operations, including but not limited to any strike, work stoppage, sick-out, slowdown, work to rule campaign, concerted refusal to accept voluntary or overtime flying, or other concerted refusal to perform normal pilot operations in violation of the Railway Labor Act.

The Court has directed that all United pilots resume their normal individual working schedules and practices, and ALPA is hereby instructing all pilots to cease and desist from engaging in any slowdown, sick-out, work to rule campaign, refusal to accept voluntary or overtime flying, or other concerted refusal to conduct pilot operations in the normal manner. With this message ALPA is instructing that you cease and desist all such activity and cease and desist from all statements or communications encouraging such conduct.

We must comply with the Court's direction. This is about all of us, because each of us will be at risk of court fines or company discipline if we engage in any Court-prohibited activity or if we encourage others to do so. Do not engage in any form of sick-out, improper use of sick leave, improper use of fatigue calls, slowdown activity such as intentional delays in the operation, pressure or harassment of other pilots for taking overtime flying, concerted refusal to accept junior/senior manning, or any other form of economic pressure, and do not encourage others to do any of these things. We must resume normal individual working schedules and practices. Again, these are requirements of the Court, and we must comply starting immediately.