There are three options available to an individual who wishes to satisfy an outstanding financial obligation to the Association:


1) Pay the amount in one lump sum


2) Enroll in a Dues Repayment Plan


        Term:  Not to exceed five years or by twelve months prior to normal retirement, whichever date is earliest.

        Payments:  Minimum monthly payment is one dollar for every $1,000 of annual income, i.e.:  If you make $100,000 per year your minimum payment is $100 per month.  There is no lump sum payment required at the beginning of the program.

        Monthly Dues:  Participation in the Dues Check-Off program is required.


Options 1 and 2 return the individual to Active Member in Good Standing status.


3) Enroll in the Dues Check-Off program for monthly dues and pay down the

    outstanding obligation as finances permit.  This option does not require enrollment

    in a Dues Repayment Plan but the individual remains a nonmember until the

    amount owed is paid off.  The trade-off is that they move from the Nonmember list

    to the Nonmember on Dues Check-Off list.  However they may not vote and are

    not eligible for Union benefits until paid up.


Questions regarding any of these options can be directed to Terrance Gibbs, Airline Analyst for the FedEx pilot group, at (888) FLY-ALPA ext 4192 or