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Air Line Pilot is published 10 times a year by the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), an AFL-CIO union of airline pilots. The magazine recognizes the airline pilot as the primary reader audience, and editorial content is developed to fill airline pilot needs. A list of airlines whose pilots are members of ALPA is attached.

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Please Note: All unsolicited manuscripts, photographs, and cartoons must include sufficient return postage (stamps only) and packaging materials to ensure their safe return. Although all reasonable care will be taken with materials received, no responsibility can be assumed for any unsolicited materials.


We seek editorial material of aviation industry information, (e.g., economics, avionics equipment, aircraft systems, aviation safety, regulations) that affects the life of a professional airline pilot from a profession and a career standpoint.

Further, we seek editorial material pertinent to a pilot's life from a job security and work environment standpoint.

We prefer writers to query first in writing. Include content summary, length estimate, description of available illustrations (photos or art), and date when article could be ready. Be specific about why you think the article is right for our audience. SASE is appreciated to ensure reply.

Any airline pilot featured in an article must be an ALPA member in good standing. Please note in query that standing has been verified or provide complete name and address of the pilot.

Article length should be determined by subject matter, within a general range of 6 to 12 pages on 8 x 11 inch white paper. Manuscripts must be typed and double-spaced; page one should include author's name, mailing address, and daytime telephone number.

Articles prepared on 3-inch hard disks may be submitted. Such manuscripts must be prepared on an IBM-compatible computer using word processing with at least ASCII language--but preferably Microsoft Word 97. Disks should be mailed in suitable protective envelopes to ensure that data is not erased enroute. If requested, the disks will be returned. The manuscript file name, author's name, address, and day telephone number must be included on the disk label. Articles may also be sent by e-mail to

Accompanying black-and-white photographs should be in the form of 8 x 10 inch glossy prints; color should be in 35mm transparencies, prints, or high-resolution (300 dpi) digital images. When a large selection of original photos is available, send proof sheets and negatives, a CD-ROM disk, or Zip disk. When a large number of transparencies is submitted, plastic slide pages are recommended. Maps, drawings, and charts may be submitted in black and white or color and should be suitable for reproduction without additional work.

Payment is made on acceptance, which follows a four- to six-week review process. Range for features is $100 to $500, depending on length and extent of research required. Higher fees may be negotiated with writers on assignment or with a writer who becomes a regular contributor. Air Line Pilot buys all rights except book rights. By accepting an article, we make no commitment to a publication date.

An additional fee will be paid for each author-supplied photo used with a story, depending on the quality of the print and the problems involved in securing it. No payment is made for public-domain photos furnished to the author free of charge. All prints and negatives supplied by the author, including those used, will be returned upon request.



Our greatest need is for strikingly original color cover photographs featuring ALPA flight deck crew members and their airlines in their operating environment. Only ALPA member airlines will be featured (see list). Visual emphasis is on a sharp image, good color, and strong composition. Only vertical compositions will be considered. We prefer to work exclusively from original transparencies, 35mm or larger. Exceptionally sharp 8 x 10 color prints may be acceptable. We pay $350 for all rights.

Inside Color and Stock Photography

Primarily, subject matter should be ALPA crews and ALPA member aircraft but can include almost any scene that relates directly to the airline pilot's world. Of particular interest are photographs showing aircraft flying in bad weather, nighttime operations, noise pollution problems/solutions, and aircraft operating in areas with obvious regional characteristics (i.e., Rocky Mountains in the background). Again, original 35mm or larger slides, using Fuji Velvia 50 film, are preferred. If possible, stay away from Ektachrome. We generally buy onetime rights for inside color; fees are negotiated on the basis of use. Rights and fees for stock photos are negotiated on an individual basis.

Any material accepted must be for the exclusive use of Air Line Pilot. It is understood that the material is not being offered simultaneously to other magazines. Air Line Pilot reserves the right to edit freelance material as necessary to meet the requirements of the publication. The act of mailing material to Air Line Pilot shall constitute a warranty by the contributor that the material is original and in no way an infringement upon the rights of others.

List of ALPA-Represented Airlines